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Specific patterns that can be altered into just about any project (ie: blankets, scarves, hats, sweaters, etc.)

Buttons is in Trouble!

If you follow my blog here you may have noticed that the last few entries featured a new mascot of sorts, and I want you all to know his name: Buttons!

Buttons got his name from my husband actually. He was a gift that my husband got for me when he was leaving town on business for awhile and when my husband saw me putting buttons in the picture with the two baby hats Buttons got his name. My husband said “I like the buttons you put on them.” and I thought he was talking about the dog, forgetting that I had put buttons on each of the hats and the name stuck!

Now for the part about Buttons getting into trouble. You see Buttons is just like any other puppy and he finds his way into everything, including the headbands I made. All of these headbands are made to fit a baby (from infant to toddler) and made with out any elastic so they will fit comfortably on baby’s head! If they do start to stretch out all you have to do is put them is the washer and dryer just like any other laundry and they return to their original size. Well, I guess Buttons wanted to see just how comfy they were and then got carried away playing dress-up in them! This is what I found:


Today’s title is bedtime which is appropriate for several reasons. Mostly because today I am sharing the Tunisian baby blanket I made and have completely fallen in love with! The other reason is because today I am posting from my bed as I am sickšŸ˜¦ and have been for the past couple of days. That is why I haven’t posted since Monday, I have taken a few “sick” days, but I just couldn’t stay away any longer.

So as I have already mentioned today I am sharing the Tunisian baby blanket I had been working on. I have a feeling that this one will go over well too since all of the excitement over the checkerboard hats! I just keep thinking “wow, what an amazing gift this would make” and think that this blanket really stands out for all the right reasons!The really wonderful thing about Tunisian crochet is how smooth the final product is and feels. It is very solid, yet still lightweight. I plan on sharing several more Tunisian Crochet projects in the near future so stop back often! Please leave a comment to let me know what you think:)

Always Learning!

For the pastĀ  couple for weeks I have been working on really getting the hang of Tunisian crochet and have started making my first real project with it! I am so excited about this technique because it is almost like someone handed a knitter a Tunisian crochet hook (it is longer, has a cap on the end to keep stitches from falling off, and is completely round with no thumb rest) and told them to use that instead of their knitting needles and this is what they came up with. I have tried knitting and I can knit, it just takes way too long and is so easy to make a mistake. That is why I am really loving this Tunisian crochet. I will be posting pictures of that soon, I just wanted to update you on what I am currently working on.

In the mean time though I thought I would post a picture of a scarf I recently made for a friend. I made her a hat over Thanksgiving and finished the scarf shortly after. She wanted it to be very solid and yet still have some character for it. So this is what I came up with:This scarf was worked with the zig-zag cluster stitch that can be seen on the stitches page. I hope she likes it!

Baby it’s cold outside!

Let me start today by saying that I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and stayed warm! I know much of the country is suffering with below normal temperatures and that is no fun! I also want to say a happy birthday to my mother! I really do hope that you had a wonderful day and I wish I could have been there to celebrate it with you!

Today I am going to share with you another item that I have made as special request that I received. I was asked if I could make another dog sweater for someone else whose dog is not a big fan of the cold.Ā  The dog is white and she wanted something that would contrast nicely with that so we decided on purple with a magenta flower (she is still a girl!) and she wanted it to be very solid. So this is what I came up with!It is primarily made with a single crochet stitch, but I added ribbing around the collar and waist for a more comfortable fit as well as a slot for the leash to go through for ease when going out for walks!

Cute and Trendy!

Today I wanted to share with everyone a different style of hat. Every hat that I have posted so far has been very attractive, but yet also very practical. Today I have two hats to share that are not exactly going to keep you warn in the winter, but will certainly show off your personality!Both of these cap are a mesh style that make great accessories and they are just so much fun! The aqua one I left a little more simple, more of an all ages, but the purple one I made for a special little girl so I added a scalloped edge and a couple of flowers! There are many other ways that wither of these hat’s can be dressed up too, the possibilities are limitless!

Go Gator’s!

Okay, just in case you haven’t noticed, I know a Florida Gator’s fan or two. It may actually be a few more than that even:) . So recently I had a request for a Gator’s hat like the one I had on here that my husband was wearing, but I had a feeling that this person might like the two colors in the same style I did for my brother’s hat (the green and black one) so I sent them a copy of that picture and it was a hit! Of course this hat is for a woman this time and she also wanted a flower on it, so this is what I came up with!I had so much fun with this one and she has already had two others request the same hat since I showed her the final product!

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Busy Bee

While you all have been busy working on your contest entries I have been busy working on new projects. Today I am posting a new lacy scarf that I finished last night and this is the first one that I have shared that has fringe! Fringe is always an option but I find I don’t used it often enough. I am a someone who fidgets a lot (which makes crocheting a perfect hobby for me because it keeps me moving but in a productive way) and if I were wearing something with fringe or anything else like that I would constantly be playing with it. There is something to be said though for the way that fringe really sets off the design and really puts that “finished” mark on it!
I wanted to be able to show you what the pattern itself looks like up close to because every lace is different!
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